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Understated functionality

Alfa Series

A gas cooktop with an understated design

Alfa is a gas cooktop with an understated design, consisting of a cooktop with a double safety structure, a reinforced and removable cooking plate, a drip tray and adjustable feet. Wide equidistant burners ensure even heating across the entire cooktop. Built-in piezoelectric ignition (PE/I), press and turn the single-pulse knob for model A600.

Alfa cooking unit emotional planet barbecue - PLA.NET Outdoor Cooking

Modern design and compact size for cooking on an apartment balcony.

A size suited to any situation

Long-lasting and durable, for cooking outdoors on any occasion

ALFA is a gas cooktop designed for lovers of healthy, tasty food, who live in an apartment but still want to enjoy cooking outdoors even if only on a small terrace.



Alfa gla600xl cooking unit planet barbecue - PLA.NET Outdoor Cooking



Built-in piezoelectric repeater ignition

Press and turn the knob, the pulse is automatic and repeated.


Planet Gas Stop

The gas supply automatically shuts off if the flame switches off for any reason.


Dual walled construction

The dual walled construction consists of a combustion cavity separated from the outer structure.


Customisation with AISI 304 steel accessories

One characteristic shared by all PLA.NET products, including the Alfa series, is customisation with a range of handy AISI 304 steel accessories such as: splash guard, lid, wind guard, protective covers and side utensil hangers. A range of highly useful professional stainless steel utensils is also available, such as: spatula, fork, tongs, knife and a handy scraper for removing cooking residue from the cooktop.

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