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A modular gas and electric kitchen

Oasi Station Series

A modular kitchen with a minimal design

Oasi Station is a modular outdoor kitchen consisting of a built-in modular gas cooktop that can be adapted to any type of work surface (wood, marble, quartz, steel).
The modular outdoor kitchens in the Oasi Station collection are built with top quality materials used in professional catering, such as 304L stainless steel and “marine grade” 316 stainless steel, in thicknesses suited to domestic use.

for enjoying cooking and being together in the open air.

Oasi station emotional planet barbecue - PLA.NET Outdoor Cooking

A modern, minimal design to make your space unique and functional.

Four sizes available

Four sizes for indoor or outdoor use, with gas or electric

When it comes to designing your outdoor space, OASI Cooking Station is the solution that allows you to enjoy being in the open air. Modular and available in four sizes, it offers an array of configurations to suit all requirements.
Easy to move and set up, it is also easy to connect to the water and electricity supply. Ready to use. Your terrace or garden transformed into the perfect setting for unforgettable moments.

Oasi 97


Oasi station 97 97c planet barbecue - PLA.NET Outdoor Cooking

Oasi 97.C


Oasi station 97c_palent outdoor cooking - PLA.NET Outdoor Cooking

Oasi 97ICE


Oasi station 97 ice planet outdoor cooking - PLA.NET Outdoor Cooking

Oasi 142.CC


Oasi station 142cc planet barbecue - PLA.NET Outdoor Cooking

Oasi 183.CC


Oasi station 183cc planet barbecue - PLA.NET Outdoor Cooking

Oasi Quattroporte


Oasi quattroporte planet barbecue - PLA.NET Outdoor Cooking

Oasi Configurator

Configuratore hero image - PLA.NET Outdoor Cooking

Configure Oasi with any number of kitchen solutions, for gas and electric.


Customisation with AISI 304 steel accessories

One characteristic shared by all PLA.NET products, including the Oasi series, is customisation with a range of handy AISI 304 steel accessories such as: splash guard, lid, wind guard, protective covers and side utensil hangers. A range of highly useful professional stainless steel utensils is also available, such as: spatula, fork, tongs, knife and a handy scraper for removing cooking residue from the cooktop.

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